TACS Technlogy

About Us

TACS Technology was formed in 1996 when Telecom decided to only look after its top 200 customers Business Systems. Barry Fowler and Mike Hutcheson set up the company after winning the Telecom contract to look after their major clients in the South Waikato and Taupo area.

 We care for Telecoms Corporate Gen-I customers from Prisons down Turangi and over in the King Country thru to Fontera and Carter Holt Harvey Sites in the South Waikato including Phone systems, Cabling and Cisco Routers.


TACS now has a large show room located at 51 Swanston Street,Tokoroa and have grown to become the leading Communication company in the area.


With Computer and Security Departments added to our Communication business, TACS are in a position to fully cater to the business client who wants to deal with a company who has the knowledge to handle all their business needs and understands how it all fits together - Phones, Security and Computers.




We can now offer Broadband in the South Waikato from ADSL to FIBRE